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Author: the-shiv

Malaysian hardware retailer expands foothold in Vietnam

This is in line with a rapidly growing DIY and home hardware industry in Vietnam–in 2024, revenue in the industry in Vietnam is expected to reach US$18.91 billion and will grow at an estimated compound annual growth rate of 3.13 percent from 2024 to 2028, according to data compiled by Statista…

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Amkor to push up investment in northern Vietnam by 11 years

This will make the province one of Amkor’s most extensive facilities in the world with total funding for the project reaching $1.6 billion–a $520-million factory in the first phase was inaugurated in October 2023 and is in line with a number of other big names investing in Bac Ninh including Samsung, Fushan, Canon, and Foxconn. Of note, Bac Ninh was the second most popular province for foreign invested projects in the first quarter 2024…

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Singapore battery maker increases Vietnam investment by US$5.5 million

The move to expand battery production capacity aligns with increasing global demand for electric vehicles–or EVs for short. The world is witnessing an explosion of EVs, with electric car sales in 2023 six times higher than in 2018, just 5 years earlier. Furthermore, global EV sales are predicted to grow from less than 45 million in 2023 to 250 million in 2030 and reach 525 million in 2035, according to the latest research by IEA…

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Vietnam bank bond issuances skyrocket in June

Of note, deposit interest rates have been rising alongside loans issued by the State Bank of Vietnam to local banks through open market operations–there are currently VND 22,765 billion or US$895.5 million worth of these loans outstanding. It’s also worth noting that credit growth jumped significantly in June reaching 4.45 percent by the 24th. This was significant in that at the end of May credit growth was just 2.41 percent…

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New airport slated for central Vietnam’s Quang Tri starts construction

Vietnam’s airports have been a critical component in logistics  in Vietnam and subsequently in Vietnam’s economic development. They are the main entry point for most foreign investors, they facilitate millions of dollars of trade via air freight every day, and they have commanded huge amounts of public investment spurring the country’s economic growth. With this in mind, the new airport in Quang Tri should position the province well for future economic growth…

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Vietnam opens thousands more trading accounts in June despite risks

An additional 106,417 stock trading accounts were opened in Vietnam in June, according to data from the Vietnam Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation. Of those, individual foreign investors accounted for 159 individual accounts with 27 for foreign organisations. The total number of active trading accounts in Vietnam is now 8,044,825, but this number is a little misleading…

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Vietnam paper plates unfairly subsidised 237.65 percent: US Department of Commerce

Five of the six firms investigated were found to be subsidised to the tune of 237.65 percent. Notably, four of these firms failed to respond to the DOC’s request for information at all, and one failed to provide all of the information requested. The sixth, Go-Pak Paper Products Vietnam, the only company to sufficiently engage with the DOC, was found to be subsidised by just 5.48 percent…

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Vietnam corporate bond issuances jump in June

Of note, bond market reforms issued at the end of 2022 resulted in the bond market freezing up with issuances reduced to a trickle. These reforms were then put on hold in March of 2023 and the bond market bounced back. They did, however, come to an end at the end of last year and this looks to be reflected in bond issuances in the first six months of the year which have been lacklustre at best– at least they were until June…

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LG factory complex in Hai Phong set to be completed in 2025

Of note, in 2013, Trang Due Industrial Park, where the complex is located, gained official approval from the Prime Minister to become part of the Dinh Vu-Cat Hai Economic Zone giving the park access to government incentives only offered to approved Economic Zones. For example, firms in the past have been eligible to pay no taxes for the first four years, and a ten percent tax rate for the following 15 years. That said, in response to the OECD’s Global Minimum Tax initiative, Vietnam’s National Assembly passed Resolution 107 late last year, which will see multinational companies paying less than 15 percent tax, required to make up the difference via a top up the tax mechanism…

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First new securities firm in five years debuts on Vietnam bourse, shares fall

Contrary to the trend of foreign investors net selling billions of dollars from HoSE in 2024, foreign investors have been net buyers of DSE shares. Notably, Consilium Investment Management from the USA net bought more than US$ 6.6 million shares on July 2, accounting for more than 2 percent of DNSE’s value. Earlier in January, Finland’s Pyn Elite Fund also invested in DNSE buying 12 percent of the firm’s equity. As of July 5, foreign investors held 13 percent of DNSE’s shares–as a securities firm there is no foreign ownership limit…

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Vietnam shelves new coal power plant in southern Vietnam

Of note, it was announced at the beginning of June that Toyo had managed to secure a US$980 million loan from Exim Bank. This announcement, however, was met with some concern on account of the fact that Vietnam has signed up to a Just Energy Partnership Agreement worth US$15.5 billion to be used to reduce its dependence on coal…

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Vietnam CPI Tracker: 4.34 percent in June [data set]

Inflation has been relatively low in Vietnam compared to other parts of the world but this is largely due to government price controls. These lower prices, however, have come at a cost. Input prices, particularly in input dependent industries have risen, however, businesses in many industries have been unable to raise their pricing to compensate. As a result, many have seen their profit margins squeezed while others have had to run at a loss…

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Vietnam News Roundup: June 29 to July 4

This week’s Vietnam news roundup covers the latest tourism and industrial production numbers, the increase to the minimum wage that kicked in Monday, the new start dates for several key laws, approval of a Value-Added Tax reduction to the end of the year, foreign trader stock market transactions, and more…

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Vietnam issues a decree on direct power purchase agreements

Vietnam has issued a decree on Direct Power Purchase Agreements–or DPPAs– clearing the way for businesses to buy power directly from power generators. The decree has been a long time coming and has been touted as a critical component to developing Vietnam’s electricity network. Per the decree, high volume power

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Supply of slot machines in Vietnam close to outstripping demand: Gaming exec

As a result, the gaming executive says that border closures and the subsequent reduction in tourists visiting Vietnam saw the market become oversaturated as the number of players fell significantly. He says the market has still not fully recovered and that many gaming clubs that took a financial hit during the pandemic are in need of further investment to get moving again…

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‘Limited investment support’ in Vietnam sees big name FDI go elsewhere: MPI

This stems from the introduction of the Global Minimum Tax which has seen corporate tax incentives significantly diminished for firms operating in Vietnam. An alternative ‘investment support fund’ has been proposed, however, this is yet to be legislated. A December 2023 draft included financial support for training and reimbursements for research and development conducted in Vietnam…

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