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Vietnam shares worth US$119.5 million to be liquidated in BlackRock ETF exit

US investment firm BlackRock has announced it will liquidate its iShares Frontier and Select EM ETF. About 29 percent of the fund is invested in Vietnamese stocks and cash both in the Hanoi Stock Exchange and the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange. Those investments were worth about US$119.5 million as of June 10.

This is in line with a broader exodus from Vietnam’s stock markets of foreign investors. Since the start of the year, just shy of US$1.58 billion has been withdrawn by foreign traders for a number of reasons including exchange rate pressures, higher returns elsewhere, and general uncertainty with respect to the local economy.

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BlackRock’s  iShares Frontier and Select EM ETF holdings, June 10, 2024

CodeNameSectorWeight (%)Notional Value
VNDVND CashCash and/or Derivatives10.9845,200,476.78
HPGHoa Phat GroupMaterials2.379,753,950.12
VHMVinhomesReal Estate1.767,237,852.82
VICVingroupReal Estate1.737,099,725.73
VNMViet Nam Dairy ProductsConsumer Staples1.486,103,110.74
MSNMasan Group CorpConsumer Staples1.194,889,563.87
VCBJoint Stock Commercial Bank For FoFinancials0.692,833,619.04
SSISSI Securities CorpFinancials0.622,554,823.65
VREVincom RetailReal Estate0.572,345,638.23
VJCVietjet AviationIndustrials0.481,965,365.72
DGCDuc Giang Chemicals GroupMaterials0.461,889,679.26
KDHKhang Dien House Trading And InvesReal Estate0.341,393,544.73
VNDVNdirect Securities CorpFinancials0.271,120,456.21
NVLNo Va Land Investment Group CorpReal Estate0.261,066,965.29
VCIVietcap SecuritiesFinancials0.251,013,904.30
POWPetrovietnam Power Co CorpUtilities0.21868,982.44
BIDBank For Investment And DevelopmentFinancials0.2825,832.74
KDCKido Group CorpConsumer Staples0.2821,363.42
DIGDevelopment Investment ConstructionIndustrials0.2814,512.39
GEXGelex GroupIndustrials0.2811,301.71
SHBSai Gon – HanoiFinancials0.19796,445.48
KOSKosyReal Estate0.19774,019.47
SHSSaigon Hanoi SecuritiesFinancials0.19765,028.42
PVSPetrovietnam Tec CorpEnergy0.18760,308.46
VIXVix SecuritiesFinancials0.18735,886.52
VPIVan Phu Invest InvestmentReal Estate0.17699,031.57
KBCKinh Bac City Development Share HolReal Estate0.17695,860.05
EIBVietnam Export Import CommercialFinancials0.16661,138.74
DBCDabaco Viet NamConsumer Staples0.16655,214.87
PVDPetrovietnam Drilling & Well ServicesEnergy0.16638,231.54
FRTFPT Digital RetailConsumer Discretionary0.15618,448.72
VHCVinh Hoan CorpConsumer Staples0.14586,176.81
NKGNam Kim SteelMaterials0.14567,577.93
PDRPhat Dat Real Estate Development CReal Estate0.14559,737.16
CTRViettel ConstructionsIndustrials0.13535,785.23
SJSSJ Group JSCReal Estate0.13527,645.98
HAGHoang Anh Gia LaiConsumer Staples0.13524,425.21
HSGHoa SenMaterials0.13515,203.46
DBDBinh Dinh PharmaceuticalHealth Care0.12501,809.81
DXGDat Xanh GroupReal Estate0.12491,623.80
SBTThanh Thanh Cong – Bien HoaConsumer Staples0.12478,382.29
PVTPetrovietnam Transportation CorpEnergy0.11469,282.25
VCGVietnam Construction CorpIndustrials0.11456,855.26
FTSFPT SecuritiesFinancials0.11455,721.98
TCHHoang Huy Investment Financial SerIndustrials0.11453,127.74
PC1PC1 GroupIndustrials0.11449,000.61
EVFEVN Finance JscFinancials0.11441,602.91
DGWDigiworld CorpInformation Technology0.1424,309.17
DPMPetrovietnam Fertilizer And ChemicalsMaterials0.1411,160.19
SABSaigon Beer-alcohol-beverage CorpConsumer Staples0.1409,994.77
IDCIdico CorporationIndustrials0.1399,621.40
GASPetrovietnam Gas CorpUtilities0.08318,199.31
CEOCEO GroupReal Estate0.06243,925.66
HDGHa DoIndustrials0.06243,210.52
DCMPetrovietnam Ca Mau FertilizerMaterials0.05223,606.06
VNDVndirect Securities Corp RightsFinancials0.05199,777.98

Source: BlackRock

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