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Day: May 28, 2024

Intel executive laments poor labour productivity in Vietnam

Labour productivity is a recurring theme in Vietnam with the country trailing in Southeast Asia. In 2021, it was fourth to last of ASEAN member states (excluding Burnei), ahead of only Myanmar, Cambodia, and Lao. According to the Asian Productivity Organisation Vietnamese workers were productive to the tune of…

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Vietnam National Tourism Administration disputes WEF tourism rankings

The administration claims that the ‘socio-economic impact of tourism’ indicator, which placed Vietnam 115th, contradicts the findings of Vietnam’s General Office of Statistics, however, in the WEF report this indicator is grouped under sustainability and looks at job quality, wages, and gender parity. By comparison, the GSO tends to focus on the number of tourists and how much money they spend. This is not really comparing apples with apples.

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Vietnam’s C.bank to abandon gold auctions in favour of ‘new strategy’

On the one hand, the State Bank wants to bring down the price of gold which is much higher than the world gold price because there is more demand than there is supply. On the other hand, the State Bank doesn’t want US dollars leaving the country because this creates inflationary pressure on the dong. If it sounds like these policies are contradictory then that is because they are…

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