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Vietnam’s new FDI commitments almost US$1.8 billion in April [data set]

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Vietnam added another 261 foreign direct invested projects to its 2024 tally in May, along with almost US$1.8 billion in additional capital commitments, according to data from Vietnam’s Ministry of Planning and Investment.

Foreign direct investment, by sector, US$000s

NP=New Projects, NRC=Newly Registered Capital

Manufacturing and processing industry821,279,9401162,227,057841,388,287961,822,323637159134417,433,520
Producing and distributing electricity, gas, water, and air conditioning1127,686100001,484002129,170
Real estate business activities6245,0557148,6314178,1824161,501101243581311,976,950
Wholesale and retail; repair cars, motorbikes, and motorbikes8662,807110226,56878212,32164-28,3777440901412514,220
Agriculture, forestry and fisheries0117,74003246,38600354,130
Professional, scientific and technological activities3229,1993395,02630113,8121973,950142403128314,390
Transport and warehouse10-41,0246365,91563,641412,2345140431342,170
Information and communication3414,9452021,6541411,9991116,8261315769267,000
Accommodation and food services115,7277215302238941178832861751,720
Administrative operations and support services72,80977,126731,03044,826343192850,110
Other service activities0157,9950002,4310104000160,530
Education and training01,25164,48551,580314,7523921722,160
Water supply and waste treatment0-110,3070013,742025001-106,540
Health and social assistance activities06,92801,7210-400410008,650
Arts, entertainment and recreation0530021,577.0000.000021,630
Financial, banking and insurance activities05011831110023172200334,010
Working as hired labor in households0000000

Source: Ministry of Planning and Investment

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