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Vietnam Industrial Production Index Tracker: May 2024 [data set]

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Vietnam’s Industrial Production Index recorded a gain of 8.9 points in the twelve months to May of 2024. By the same metric, services related to printing, mining other metal ores that do not contain iron, and production of batteries and accumulators recorded the biggest increases. Conversely, natural gas exploitation, exploitation of crude oil and natural gas, crude oil exploitation saw the biggest falls.

Vietnam Industrial Production Index by industry, May 2024

IndustryMay 2024 vs April 2024May 2024 vs May 2023Jan-May 2024 vs Jan-May 2023
The whole industry6.18.96.8
Mining hard coal and lignite2.0-3.7-1.3
Mining and collecting hard coal2.0-3.7-1.3
Exploitation of crude oil and natural gas-1.7-17.1-11.0
Crude oil exploitation-1.5-13.1-5.6
Natural gas exploitation-2.0-20.3-15.6
Mining metal ores-1.926.918.2
Iron ore mining0.4-11.3-35.9
Mining other metal ores that do not contain iron-2.831.425.3
Other mining3.17.43.3
Exploitation of stone, sand, gravel and clay3.17.43.3
Mining and ore mining support service activities-3.47.717.8
Service activities supporting crude oil and natural gas exploitation-3.47.717.8
Manufacturing and processing industry6.110.67.3
Food production and processing5.56.15.4
Processing and preserving aquatic products and aquatic products9.98.84.7
Processing and preserving fruits and vegetables-0.37.813.7
Processing milk and dairy products5.44.63.1
Milling and producing raw flour2.213.79.2
Other food production not classified elsewhere5.20.40.6
Producing animal feed, poultry and aquatic products5.34.23.9
Beverage production6.94.40.0
Producing beer and fermenting malt3.1-0.7-3.2
Production of non-alcoholic beverages and mineral water11.411.84.7
Production of tobacco products-
Yarn making4.59.313.9
Production of woven fabrics2.22.312.5
Production of ready-made garments (except costumes)0.41.1-1.3
Production of costumes5.69.45.4
Sewing costumes (except costumes made from fur)
Manufacture of leather and related products9.69.67.3
Producing shoes9.69.67.3
Wood processing and production of products from wood, bamboo (except beds, cabinets, tables, chairs); manufacturing products from straw and plaiting materials2.023.011.4
Sawing, sawing, planing wood and preserving wood0.325.59.2
Production of plywood, veneer, plywood and other thin boards5.118.415.5
Production of paper and paper products-
Production of wrinkled paper, wrinkled cardboard, packaging from paper and cardboard-
Production of other products from paper and cardboard not classified elsewhere-3.713.812.7
Print and copy records of all types6.37.210.9
Services related to printing7.531.126.8
Production of coke and refined petroleum products97.88.65.2
Production of coke0.01.79.5
Production of refined petroleum products97.78.85.1
Production of chemicals and chemical products4.16.220.1
Production of fertilizers and nitrogen compounds1.82.216.8
Production of plastic and synthetic rubber in primary forms21.50.131.9
Production of paints, varnishes and similar paints and coatings; production of printing ink and mastics2.017.414.0
Production of cosmetics, soaps, detergents, polishes and hygiene products-1.613.614.0
Manufacture of other unclassified chemical products4.18.68.6
Production of drugs, pharmaceutical chemicals and medicinal materials-9.8-2.77.9
Production of drugs, pharmaceutical chemicals and medicinal materials-9.8-2.77.9
Manufacture of products from rubber and plastic7.024.127.4
Manufacture of products from plastic7.024.127.4
Manufacture of products from other non-metallic minerals4.31.0-1.7
Production of construction materials from clay6.50.8-3.5
Producing cement, lime, and plaster4.02.1-1.7
Production of concrete and products from cement and plaster0.6-12.53.2
Metal production27.06.813.2
Producing iron, steel, and cast iron27.06.813.2
Manufacture of products from prefabricated metal (except machinery and equipment)8.016.410.8
Production of metal structures13.814.712.2
Mechanical; Metal treatment and coating5.219.23.4
Manufacture of other uncategorized metal products2.818.513.3
Manufacture of electronic products, computers and optical products-2.417.45.8
Production of electronic components-8.615.48.0
Production of communication equipment-1.918.94.9
Producing consumer electronic products6.113.47.6
Manufacture of electrical equipment4.219.424.0
Manufacture of motors, generators, electrical transformers, electrical distribution and control equipment1.1-10.61.7
Production of batteries and accumulators10.497.1117.6
Manufacture of cables, wires and other electronics4.017.616.2
Production of household electrical appliances3.63.72.4
Production of machinery and equipment has not been classified elsewhere4.312.64.0
Manufacture of pumps, compressors, faucets and other valves1.213.58.7
Manufacture of lifting, lowering and loading equipment-18.05.3-4.4
Manufacture of machinery and office equipment (except computers and computer peripherals)8.021.0-10.1
Manufacture of other common machines40.615.64.4
Manufacturing machines for the textile, garment and leather industries9.719.17.7
Manufacture of other specialized machines-
Manufacture of motor vehicles1.17.33.8
Manufacture of motor vehicles-6.43.7-4.0
Manufacture of spare parts and accessories for motor vehicles and vehicle engines12.811.813.9
Manufacture of other means of transport2.8-5.2-5.1
Manufacture of motorbikes and motorbikes2.8-5.2-5.1
Production of beds, cabinets, tables, chairs-12.818.819.6
Production of beds, cabinets, tables, chairs-12.818.819.6
Other processing and manufacturing industries4.95.33.4
Production of toys and games0.0-5.81.4
Manufacture of medical, dental, orthopaedic and rehabilitation equipment and instruments7.29.18.1
Other production not yet classified5.48.71.3
Repair, maintenance and installation of machinery and equipment4.81.9-11.9
Repair of machinery and equipment1.38.9-17.3
Repair and maintenance of means of transport (except cars, motorbikes, motorbikes and other motor vehicles)
Installation of machinery and industrial equipment-0.8-11.4-14.0
Production and distribution of electricity, gas, hot water, steam and air conditioning8.611.412.7
Production and distribution of electricity, gas, hot water, steam and air conditioning8.611.412.7
Production, transmission and distribution of electricity8.611.412.7
Water supply; waste and wastewater management and treatment activities2.87.46.3
Water exploitation, treatment and supply1.46.56.4
Water exploitation, treatment and supply1.46.56.4
Drainage and wastewater treatment3.610.34.8
Drainage and wastewater treatment3.610.34.8
Waste collection, treatment and destruction activities; scrap recycling4.68.26.3
Collection of non-hazardous waste11.08.89.2
Scrap recycling-

Source: General Office of Statistics

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