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Where are Nikes Made in Vietnam 2024?

Nike products made in Vietnam are produced in several provinces around the country. They are, however, mostly concentrated in the south, in and around Ho Chi Minh City. This is in part because of the dense population and access to one of Vietnam’s biggest ports but also because Ho Chi Minh City has a long history with garment and textile production.

This article breaks down Nike products made in Vietnam by type and region providing a general overview of the structure of Nike operations in Vietnam.

Nike factories Vietnam

According to Nike’s supplier list, last updated in February of 2024, the company engages around 159 factories all over Vietnam to produce shoes, apparel, and equipment.

Where are Nike shoes made in Vietnam?

Nike utilises about 63 factories around Vietnam to make its footwear. These are predominantly located in southern Vietnam, in and around Ho Chi Minh City. Specifically, there are 54 Nike shoe factories in the south with just seven in the north and two in the centre. As a result, a little over two-thirds of Nike factory workers in Vietnam, around 276,163 people, are located in southern Vietnam too.

Nike shoe factories in Vietnam, by province, 2024

Factory NameProvinceEmployees
All Wells International Co., Ltd.Ba Ra2,904
San Fang (tr1) (Vietnam)Ba Ria – Vung Tau1,182
Tong Hong Tannery Co Ltd (Vietnam)Ba Ria – Vung Tau1,260
Prime Asia (Vietnam)Ba Ria – Vung Tau1,428
Gb Light Co Ltd (Vietnam)Binh Duong39
Kuraray Co Ltd (clarino) (tr1) (vietnam)Binh Duong130
Tiong Liong VietnamBinh Duong185
Ducksan Co Ltd (Vietnam)Binh Duong192
You Young (Vietnam)Binh Duong285
Baiksan (Vietnam)Binh Duong343
Isa Industrial Co Ltd (Vietnam)Binh Duong610
Evertech Plastic Vietnam Company Ltd BranchBinh Duong650
Sambu Fine Chemical Co Ltd (Vietnam)Binh Phuc251
Tkg Taekwang Binh Phuoc Company LimitedBinh Phuc1,762
Tkg Taekwang Vina JSCCan Tho11,672
Gold Long John (Vietnam 2nd Location)Da Nang580
Tkg Taekwang Vina JSCDak Lak2
Hua Feng Haptic VietnamDong Nai93
Dongjin Textile VinaDong Nai210
Kuo Yuen (Vietnam)Dong Nai252
Daewon Chemical Vina Co., Ltd.Dong Nai374
Dongjin Textile Vina Co., LtdDong Nai440
Gold Long John (Vietnam)Dong Nai443
Framas Korea Vina Co., LtdDong Nai782
Chang Shin Dong Nai Company LtdDong Nai2,905
Longwell Company Ltd.Dong Nai4,451
Chang Shin Vietnam Co., LtdDong Nai5,804
Tkg Taekwang Vina JSCDong Nai8,579
Vietnam Dona Orient Co., LtdDong Nai10,252
Dona Pacific Vietnam Co., Ltd.Dong Nai10,488
Dona Victor Footwear Co., LtdDong Nai11,984
Tkg Taekwang Vina JSCDong Nai15,098
Vietnam Pou Sung Co. Ltd.Dong Nai15,870
Pou Chen Vietnam Enterprise Ltd.Dong Nai16,060
Vietnam Dona Standard Footwear Co., LtdDong Nai22,792
Chang Shin Vietnam Company, Ltd.Dong Nai30,283
Aurora Vietnam Industrial Footwear Co. LtdHai Phong5,946
Paiho (Vietnam)Ho Chi Minh City3,097
Freetrend Industrial A (Vietnam) Co., LtdHo Chi Minh City9,354
Freetrend Industrial (Vietnam) Co., LtdHo Chi Minh City15,256
Cosmo-e-mart Non-woven Company LimitedLong An58
Cosmo Vietnam Co.,ltdLong An155
Ting Heng Co., LtdLong An190
Avery Dennison Ris Vietnam Co. Ltd.Long An2,779
Fu-luh Shoes Co., LtdLong An11,427
Vietnam Chingluh Shoes Co. Ltd.Long An17,871
Vietnam Golden Victory Co., Ltd.Nam Dinh8,954
Adora Footwear LimitedNinh Binh7,994
Phuc Tai Tay Ninh Co., LtdTay Ninh350
Kuo Yuen (vietnam) Tay NinhTay Ninh414
Tkg Eco Material SyntheticTay Ninh502
YoungilVietnamam)Tay Ninh1,137
Can Sports Vietnam Co., LtdTay Ninh6,380
Tkg Taekwang Vina JSCTay Ninh8,948
Rollsport Vietnam Footwear LimitedThanh Hoa2,305
Vietnam Weilina Footwear Co. LtdThanh Hoa5,751
Rollsport Vietnam Footwear LimitedThanh Hoa17,400
Annora Vietnam Footwear Co.,ltdThanh Hoa20,025
Tkg Taekwang Vina JSCTien Giang5,320
Vietnam Chingluh Shoes Co. Ltd.Vinh Long686
Vietnam Chingluh Shoes Co. Ltd.Vinh Long1,126
Ty Xuan Company LimitedVinh Long1,879
Vinh Long Footwear Co LtdVinh Long9,181

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Where is Nike apparel made in Vietnam?

Nike has 81 factories making apparel for the brand in Vietnam. The bulk of these factories, 57, are located in southern Vietnam and employ just over 100,000 workers. In the north, there are a further 17 factories employing 26,844 workers, with seven more in central Vietnam that employ a collective 19,280 people.

Nike apparel factories in Vietnam, by province, 2024

Factory NameProvinceEmployees
Nv Apparel Company LimitedAn Giang2,761
Oriental Garment An Giang Co LtdAn Giang530
E-top (Vietnam) Co.,ltdBa Ria – Vung Tau2,796
Eclat Fabric Co., Ltd.Ba Ria – Vung Tau868
Greentech Headgear Company LimitedBa Ria – Vung Tau2,250
Viet Hong Garment Export Co., Ltd.Ben Tre1,509
Delta Galil Vietnam Co., LtdBinh Dinh3,375
Far Eastern Apparel (Vietnam) LimitedBinh Duong2,836
Far Eastern Apparel Limited VietnamBinh Duong1,464
Far Eastern Polytex (Vietnam) LtdBinh Duong1,101
Green Vina Co., Ltd.Binh Duong486
H&l Apparel(Vietnam) Co.,ltdBinh Duong850
Lee Bou International Binh Duong Int’l. Co., LtdBinh Duong252
Lucky Star Vietnam Garment Company LimitedBinh Duong1,173
Maxim Label And Packaging Vietnam Co., LtdBinh Duong661
Premier Global (Vietnam) Garment Factory Co., LtdBinh Duong1,996
Snp Co.,ltd.Binh Duong2,780
Vietnam Eci Elastic Co., LtdBinh Duong259
Far Eastern New Apparel (Vietnam) Ltd Binh Phuc2,934
Viet Long Giang Garment JSCCan Tho1,186
Da Luen (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.Dong Nai255
Eclat Textile Co., Ltd. (Vietnam)Dong Nai5,156
Fashion Garments 2 Co., LtdDong Nai1,832
Fashion Garments 2 Co., Ltd – Xuan TayDong Nai686
Fashion Garments 2 Co., Ltd. – Tan Phu BranchDong Nai3,137
Formosa Taffeta Dong Nai Co., Ltd.Dong Nai1,116
Greentech Headgear Co., Ltd In Dong NaiDong Nai1,680
Promax Textile (Vietnam) Co. LtdDong Nai868
Unipax Co., LtdDong Nai1,800
United Sweethearts Garment (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.Dong Nai3,284
Ykk Vietnam Co LtdDong Nai2
Fashion Garments Mekong Co., LtdDong Thap1,852
Seyang Corporation VietnamHa Nam420
Regent Garment Factory LtdHai Duong1,715
Maple Company LimitedHai Phong2,599
Regina Miracle International Vietnam Co., LtdHai Phong1,848
Ha Noi Garment No. 40 JSCHanoi246
Unipax Vi Thanh C.,ltd.Hau Giang2,530
Cch Top Vn Co., Ltd.Ho Chi Minh City1,661
Elite Investment Worldwide Co., LtdHo Chi Minh City1,411
Nam Thien Company LimitedHo Chi Minh City478
Pro Kingtex Vietnam Co., LtdHo Chi Minh City2,037
Quang Viet Enterprise Co., LtdHo Chi Minh City5,112
Son Kha Company LimitedHo Chi Minh City47
Thuan Phuong Embroideries GarmentsHo Chi Minh City1,085
Thuan Phuong Embroideries GarmentsHo Chi Minh City1,355
Thuan Phuong Embroideries GarmentsHo Chi Minh City1,206
Tmi Vietnam Co., LtdHo Chi Minh City1,619
Un-available Co. Ltd.Ho Chi Minh City573
Viet Thinh Garment JSCHo Chi Minh City1,563
Viet Tien Garment CorporationHo Chi Minh City1,596
Worldon Vietnam Co., Ltd.Ho Chi Minh City6,716
Hung Long Garment And Service JSCHung Yen2,300
Formosa Taffeta Vietnam Co LtdLong An1,061
Thuan Phuong Embroideries GarmentsLong An2,334
Ttg Co. Ltd.Long An42
Genesis Sports Technology Co. LtdNam Dinh243
Maxport Limited VietnamNam Dinh417
Maxport Limited VietnamNam Dinh1,407
Nghia Hung Garment JSCNam Dinh1,976
Song Hong Garment JSCNam Dinh3,466
Song Hong Garment JSCNam Dinh2,020
Tmvn Manufacturing Co.,ltdNam Dinh1,903
Fashion Garments Company LimitedQuang Nam2,185
Germton Industrial Company Ltd.Quang Nam2,236
Hi-tech Viet Nam Apparel Co.,ltd.Quang Nam1,871
Luckytex Soc Trang Vietnam Co., LtdSoc Trang972
Tuntex Soc Trang Vietnam Co.ltdSoc Trang1,373
Colltex Garment Mfy Co., Ltd.(vn)Tay Ninh2,010
Gain Lucky (Vietnam) LimitedTay Ninh9,032
Maxport Limited VietnamThai Binh2,670
Tng Investment And Trading JSCThai Nguyen1,875
Tng Investment And Trading JSCThai Nguyen1,005
Tng Investment And Trading JscThai Nguyen734
Impulse Fashion Tae Hee JSCThua Thien Hue648
Scavi Hue CompanyThua Thien Hue6,031
Cong Tien Garment JSCTien Giang1,481
Green Tg Co., LtdTien Giang707
Viet Khanh Company LimitedTien Giang1,359
Viet Long Hung Garment Company LimitedTien Giang2,037
Vinh Tien Garment JSCVinh Long1,912

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Where is Nike equipment made in Vietnam?

About 12 out of 15 Nike equipment manufacturers are located in southern Vietnam. These factories employ 12,289 workers, with two factories in northern Vietnam employing a collective 2,692 workers, and one factory in central Vietnam with 1,283 workers.

Nike equipment factories in Vietnam, by province, 2024

Factory NameProvinceEmployees
Vung Tau Orient Co., LtdBa Ria – Vung Tau1422
Vung Tau Orient Co., Ltd – Unit 02Ba Ria – Vung Tau2683
Hesheng Co., Ltd.Bac Ninh74
Sigma Vietnam Industrial Co.,ltdBen Tre1158
Acode Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.Binh Duong347
Manufacture Of Artistic Belt & Accessories Co., Ltd.Binh Duong42
Saigon Daryar Plastic Co.,ltdBinh Duong365
Virtue King Vietnam Company LimitedBinh Duong1553
Haivina Hong Linh Co. LtdHa Tinh1283
Haivina Co., Ltd.Hai Duong2618
Longway Vietnam Company LimitedLong An1275
Tremon Sporting Goods Enterprise Co.,ltdTay Ninh1610
Tremon Sporting Goods Enterprise Co.,ltdTay Ninh676
Wilson (Vietnam) LtdTay Ninh500
Yegin Industry (Vietnam) Co., LtdTien Giang658

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Why are Nikes made in Vietnam?

There are a broad range of reasons why manufacturers choose to make their products in Vietnam. For clothing and apparel brands it’s typically because of the low-cost labour and the convenient location.

Low cost-labour

Vietnam is well-known in manufacturing circles for its low-cost labour. With a population of around 100 million that is relatively young, making manufactured goods in Vietnam has helped reduce the bottom line of many global manufacturing firms and brands. 

The minimum wage in Vietnam is regionally very competitive. In its two biggest cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, it is very low when compared with their regional counterparts–just US$192.99 per month whereas in Jakarta, for example, it is US$316.92. That said, the manufacturing sector often attracts higher wages than other key industries in Vietnam. For more information see: Average Salary in Vietnam 2024: Quick Guide.


Vietnam is strategically located south of China and Pacific Ocean-adjacent and thus connected via sea to the world’s biggest economy, the United States of America. This makes integrating Vietnam into existing supply chains much easier with firms manufacturing in China able to truck materials and equipment south of the border with relative ease. It also fits well into Southeast Asian supply chains as a final destination for assembly and testing before goods are shipped off to other parts of the world. This is made all the more easier by a myriad of free trade agreements between ASEAN member states.

Making clothing and footwear in Vietnam

Brands interested in joining Nike manufacturing clothing, footwear, and apparentl in Vietnam have a broad range of options from contract manufacturing to opening their own factory (see: How to Open a Factory in Vietnam: Ultimate Guide 2024). These options all have their own challenges and benefits and what’s best for one firm may not necessarily be what’s best for another. In this light, if you’re looking for supporting deciding on the best market entry strategy, let us connect you with an expert.

Also to keep up with the garment manufacturing environment in Vietnam has it grows and changes, make sure to subscribe to the-shiv.

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