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Cutting the 48 hour work week back in the news in Vietnam

Overtures have been made by the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour–the VGLC–to the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs to reduce standard working hours below the current 48 hours a week. This was announced back in January, however, in recent weeks the idea has gained traction with local media carrying a number of variations of the story.

It’s not clear why this has become an issue now, however, labour policy of late has tended to favour businesses amidst a broad economic down turn. Notably, there was no minimum wage hike last year or in 2021 yet inflation has averaged about 4 percent. In this light, with signs of an economic recovery on the horizon, the time may be seen as apt to talk about labour reforms.

That said, it has been reported that Vietnam is set to ratify the International Labor Organization’s Convention 87 which wold give workers the right to unionise independent of the VGLC. This has also been in the media of late after a submission to the US Department of Commerce that alleged the government of Vietnam did not intend to abide by Convention 87 even once ratified. In this context, it could also be that the VGLC is looking to assert its relevance. 

Of note, resolution 101/2019/QH14, which is the guiding document for approaching a reduction in work hours in Vietnam, actually only assigns the government the task of proposing reducing workers hours to under 48 hours per week at an appropriate time. It does not guarantee a change.


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The Vietnam airline industry has been struggling broadly as a result of government regulated ticket prices, increasing fuel costs, and a debt hangover from the COVID-19 pandemic when the industry more-or-less ground to a halt. Bamboo Airways, in particular, only took to the skies in 2019 the year before the pandemic broke out. It also started life as a subsidiary of FLC Group which has been heavily mired in controversy after its leader was arrested back in 2022. This saw the airline spun off but the new independent entity has never had much success and has repeatedly downsized its fleet and the number of routes it offers…

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Adidas, New Balance suppliers struggling to find workers in southern Vietnam

Some of the challenges raised in this article, with respect to hiring workers, is that workers have more job options other than factory work, workers no longer need to move to population centres with many manufacturing operations opening in tier two cities and provinces, and workers that moved back to their hometowns during the COVID-19 pandemic have still not returned on the back of the general uncertainty that the pandemic created.

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Russian president could be in Vietnam next week: Reuters

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