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Category: Vietnam Transport & Infrastructure

Vietnam is becoming a powerhouse for business and enterprise and this has led to huge demand for transportation services. From roads to rail to ships to aeroplanes there are a multitude of ways of moving people and products around Vietnam

This section covers: aviation, shipping, and road and rail transport and associated services.

Ground broken on second terminal at airport in Vietnam capital

For context, at the end of last year, the President of Vietnam Airlines noted that overcrowding at Vietnam’s airports was costing the national carrier US$20 million a year. Indeed, overcrowding has become a huge problem–Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City was built for 28 million visitors a year but welcomed 34 million arrivals in 2022. Similarly, Hanoi’s Noi Bai International Airport was built for 25 million visitors a year but was expected to finish 2023 with 30 million arrivals.

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Chinese EV makers looking to expand in Vietnam

One of the side effects of all of the attention Vietnam’s Vinfast has received is that it has exponentially raised awareness of electric vehicles among Vietnamese consumers. Furthermore, there is a lot of status that goes along with owning a car in Vietnam. That said, Vietnam’s GDP per capita is still only around US$4,000 which makes owning a car of any kind challenging for most Vietnamese. In this context, smaller, cheaper Chinese EVs could find a welcome home south of the border.

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Airlines are making just US$1 per passenger: Vietnam Airlines exec.

The rising price of airfares in Vietnam has been in the news a lot lately. A review of airline ticket prices by the Vietnam Aviation Administration, however, after conducting a brief investigation, earlier this year, found that airfares prices have been within the current guidelines–in Vietnam airfares are regulated by the government.

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Vietnam Airlines doesn’t want to use HCMC’s new airport

Vietnam’s national carrier, Vietnam Airlines, has said that it would prefer to stay at what is currently Ho Chi Minh City’s only international airport, Tan Son Nhat, when a second airport at Long Thanh is completed. It is essentially arguing that airport transfers will be more challenging–currently, it’s possible to

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Vietnam airfares investigation finds no price gouging

A review of airline ticket prices by the Vietnam Aviation Administration has found that domestic airlines have not breached pricing regulations. The airfare regulator put out the call last week for consumers who felt they had overpaid for airfares. After a brief investigation, however, they have found that airfares prices

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Vietnam Airlines record profit result of lessor writing off bad debt

Vietnam Airlines recorded a ‘new record’ profit in the first quarter of this year of VND 4.53 trillion or US$178 million. This was, however, only after the company leasing planes to Vietnam Airlines subsidiary, Pacific Airlines, agreed to write-off US$220 million worth of debt in exchange for the return of

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Vietnam EV maker North Carolina factory delayed

Vinfast’s planned North Carolina factory has been delayed pending approval of plans for a much smaller factory, The News Observer is reporting. The car marker has not been as successful as it had hoped, hence the smaller factory. It has, however, continued to maintain that the factory will be online

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Vietnam’s Vinfast first quarter results show little improvement

Vietnam’s Vinfast has continued to haemorrhage money, reporting a loss in the first quarter of 2024 of US$618.3 million, according to a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Key takeaways It delivered 9,689 EVs; This was down from 13,513 in the fourth quarter of 2024; with 50 percent

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Class action launched against Vietnam’s Vinfast

Three law firms have initiated legal action against Vietnamese electric vehicle maker Vinfast on the grounds that it withheld information from shareholders, according to a press release from US law firm Pomerantz. Specifically, that it would be unable to meet its 2023 delivery target and that it lacked the capital

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Vietnam’s Airline Industry Turbulence: Unpacked

When Vietnam’s Bamboo Airways first took to the skies in January of 2019, everything was looking up for Vietnam’s airline industry–not only was international tourism flourishing but rising incomes among middle-class Vietnamese were fueling a boom in domestic tourism as well. In fact, the route between Hanoi and Ho Chi

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Vietnam aviators to be short up to 26 jets over summer: CAAV

The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam–the CAAV–is forecasting that Vietnamese airlines could be short up to 26 jets over the summer, VN Express is reporting. This is on the back of maintenance issues with some jet engines. This is impacting airlines all around the world which are scrambling to secure

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Vietnam’s legal argument for not returning four ex-Vietjet planes

This analysis of a dispute between foreign aircraft lessor, Fitzwalter Capital Partners, and Vietnam’s Vietjet, in which Vietjet failed to return four planes after a lease agreement was terminated, goes into the legal argument for keeping the aircraft in Vietnam. Specifically, the article states that when the ownership of the

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Vietnam’s Pacific Airlines has no aircraft left in its fleet

The airline, owned by Vietnam’s national carrier Vietnam Airlines, looks to have returned all of its aircraft though this may have been a repossession. This article in Tuoi Tre is not exactly clear but it does make specific mention of the struggles of Pacific Airlines to pay its debts.  “The

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VinFast exec claims will break even in 2025

Despite losses totally more than US$2 billion in 2023, Vietnam’s homegrown automaker will break even in 2025, according VinFast President Le Thi Thu Thuy as reported by Zing News. This is a huge undertaking with sales overseas lacklustre at best–just a few thousand–and the vehicles sold in Vietnam mostly to

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Vietnam car sales fall 51 cent in February

A total of 10,017 cars were sold in February down from 20,536 in February of last year, according to data from the Vietnam Automotive Manufacturers Association and reported by Just Auto.  This article says this was partly due to the Lunar New Year holiday. It also says that car sales

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The data in this article about Vietnam’s electric vehicle market

Cleantechnica is running an article about Vietnam’s electric vehicle market in which they use data from the International Trade Association that suggests that the car ownership rate in Vietnam will reach 30 percent by 2030 up from 5.7 percent in 2020.  The original report also says that rate will be

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