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Category: Vietnam Media News

Vietnam media news covers a sector of the local economy that is growing rapidly despite a somewhat challenging regulatory environment. This section monitors those regulations as well as over-the-top services, sports, advertising, social media, and film and television industry developments.

Apple deleted 5,000+ Vietnam apps mostly for fraud, one at gov’t request

Just one app was also removed in 2023 for beaching Vietnam’s Cybersecurity Law. This law requires cross border service providers like streaming sites and online video game distributors to open local offices and store data locally. That said, with just one takedown request for the whole of last year (for comparison in China it was 1,285) enforcing this law in Vietnam looks to be shaping up as…

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Vietnam real estate news outlet fined, licensed revoked for misquoting sources

In Vietnam, the Law on Press distinguishes between different kinds of media outlets with varying degrees of newsgathering permitted and subsequently government control. CafeLand looks to have been licenced as an ‘electronic magazine’ which is, more-or-less, a trade publication. It had, however, per the assessment of the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City, extended its operations beyond its remit, becoming more like a news outlet and engaging in more extensive newsgathering.

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Video Games in Vietnam: Cheat Sheet 2024

Video games in Vietnam are very popular to both play and produce. In fact, one of Vietnam’s biggest companies, VNG, draws most of its revenue from Vietnam’s video game sector. Furthermore, as internet and smartphone penetration continue to grow mobile games in particular continue to pull in millions of dollars

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Vietnam tech-giant’s losses quadruple after audit

VNG’s Zalo currently has about 72.5 million user accounts and its success has put VNG in the government’s good graces. This may speak to reports last week that the Steam gaming platform had been banned in Vietnam at the request of local game producers.

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English News in Vietnam: A Quick Guide 2024

Vietnam has a broad number of English-language news agencies and publications. There are, however, limitations on what can and cannot be reported in Vietnam with one of the strictest media censorship regimes in the world.  That said, with few alternative sources of Vietnamese news media, this guide outlines the key

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Vietnam ranks 176th on World Press Freedom Index

Vietnam has come in eighth to last on the Reporters Without Borders World Press Freedom Index beating out Eritrea, Syria, Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran, and Turkmenistan. The report notes that Vietnam is the fourth biggest jailer of journalists in the world. In terms of economic development, the correlation between greater

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Vietnam IP Conviction ‘Minor Miracle’: Torrent Freak

The People’s Court of Hanoi has sentenced a man to 30 months in prison–suspended–and issued him a fine of US$4000, for online piracy, Torrent Freak has reported. The publication describes the outcome as a ‘minor miracle’ with convictions of intellectual property infringements in Vietnam unusual. This outcome was four years

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More fines in Vietnam over ads on videos featuring the nine-dash line

Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communication–the MIC–has fined an advertising firm just over US$2,000 for showing advertisements on videos on YouTube that contained the nine-dash line, VN Express has reported. This was the fourth fine since the start of last year for WPP Communications Company Limited–also known as GroupM.  According

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Article on developing Vietnam’s cultural industries missing key point

Vietnamnet is carrying an article that discusses how Vietnam can develop its cultural industries. It notes that cultural industries generate up to 10 percent of global GDP, however, in 2021, Vietnam’s cultural industries accounted for  3.61 percent of the country’s GDP.  The publication carries comments from Nguyen Phuong Hoa, head

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Vietnam lottery revenue hits highest point ever

Vietnamese lottery firms recorded revenue of US$1.87 billion in 2023 up from US$1.4 billion in 2022, Zing News is reporting. There is no analysis provided, however, this is not necessarily a good thing. It is common for spikes in lottery ticket sales to coincide with periods of economic uncertainty as

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Hanoi considering building US$420 million horse racetrack

The People’s Committee of Soc Son district on the outskirts of Hanoi (near the airport) is asking for opinions with respect to building a racetrack and entertainment complex in the area, Nha Dau Tu (the Vietnamese language version of The Investor) is reporting. The project would cover 125 hectares and

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