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Category: Vietnam Energy News

Vietnam energy news coverage is extensive. This is in large part due to a growing thirst for energy to support the Vietnamese economy’s rapid growth. In particular, renewable energy has become an important topic as the country aims to be net-zero by 2050. This section monitors Vietnam energy news  including renewable energy, the electricity supply, and key energy regulations.

Unpaid taxes blamed on late payment from Electricity Vietnam

EVN was selling electricity at a loss for most of last year and 2022 and the start of this year too. This saw the state-owned enterprise accumulate losses of over US$1.5 billion. It has never been made clear how these losses have been covered but, in light of these claims, it could very well be that power producers may be footing the bill.

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Apple supplier Foxconn has been asked to reduce its power use in Vietnam

Promoting power conservation is not a new concept. This happens just about everywhere in the world. That said, what should be concerning is the volume of power Foxconn is being asked to cut. Whereas a firm might be able to save a few kilowatts here or there, it would be very unusual for a firm to be operating with an inefficiency in their power use of 30 percent.

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Electricity in Vietnam: Foreign Investor Cheat Sheet 2024

When it comes to electricity in Vietnam, whether a company is using it or producing it, there are a lot of nuances that foreign investors should be aware of. This cheat sheet runs through a brief overview of how the industry and the market operate. Who manages Vietnam’s electricity supply?

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Updated power pricing regulations in Vietnam officially kick-in today

Of note, in 2022 EVN reported a loss of US$1.5 billion with rises in fuel costs vastly outstripping the electricity retail price which is regulated. That said, Decision 24 issued back in 2017, the precursor to Decision 5, already had provisions for the electricity price to be adjusted annually, however, between 2019 and November 2023 no adjustment was made. It’s not clear why and in this context the frequency at which power prices are reviewed may not have been the crux of the problem.

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Vietnam’s Offshore Wind Power Holdup: Unpacked

At the beginning of March of this year, a 100-ton wind turbine fell apart over a fish and shrimp farm in Vietnam’s Bac Lieu province. No one was injured but some three weeks later the owner of the shrimp farm made a compensation claim in the amount of VND 160

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Vietnam coal power profits surge, but renewables, gas struggle

Coal power plants in Vietnam are reporting bumper profit increases of up to 1,424 percent on the back of poor weather conditions dampening hydropower outputs, Tuoi Tre is reporting. It also states that gas power projects have also not fared well, saying this was due to reduced outputs and lower

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Offshore wind in Vietnam unlikely before 2028

The Investor is covering the Global Wind Energy Council’s Global Wind Report 2024, which says Vietnam will not have offshore wind power before 2028. The report cites the underdevelopment of Vietnam’s grid and regulatory gaps as key challenges facing offshore wind development in Vietnam. Of note, Vietnam’s Power Development Plan

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Vietnam considering a monthly connection fee for electricity

The state power provider EVN wants to charge a subscription fee on top of metered electricity prices to cover the additional infrastructure costs for some customers, VN Express is reporting. Essentially, the power price is currently calculated on the volume of electricity used and by tiers–the more you use the

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No feed-in-tariffs for rooftop solar projects in Vietnam?

Tuoi Tre is reporting that the latest report from the Ministry of Industry and Trade says that rooftop solar projects that feed excess power to the grid will not receive a feed in tariff. Zing News on the other hand, earlier this week, said that the MoIT was looking at

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