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Category: Vietnam Trade News

Vietnam is a huge trading nation with exports in excess of US$355 billion in 2023. With this in mind, trade news has become an important part of local news media content. This section monitors Vietnam trade news including imports, exports, key policies, and regulatory changes.

Vietnam’s Imports and Exports, March 2024: Snapshot

Vietnam’s General Department of Customs has released import-export data for March of 2024. Here’s what it has found. Vietnam imports by item, March 2024 March MOM % 2024 YOY % Computers, electrical products, spare-parts and components thereof 8,406,551,184 18.7 24,042,310,269 24.1 Machine, equipment, tools and instruments 3,758,610,687 45.5 10,344,804,723 12.5

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The US Election and Vietnam: Unpacked

In a bun cha restaurant in Hanoi’s Old Quarter there is a plastic table and chairs encased in an acrylic box, an homage to Barack Obama who once ate at the restaurant with Anthony Bourdain back in 2016. No such monuments exist for either Joseph Biden or Donald Trump. Both

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Vietnam’s Imports and Exports, February 2024: Snapshot

Vietnam’s General Department of Customs has released import-export data for February of 2024. Here’s what it has found. Vietnam imports, February 2024, by item February Year to date Description US$ MOM % US$ YOY % Computers, electrical products, spare parts and components thereof 7,083,862,528 -17.2 15,640,557,472 25.0 Machine, equipment, tools,

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Unpacked: Vietnam’s Non-Market Economy Review

In 2021, it was announced that raw honey from Vietnam would be subjected to antidumping tariffs in the United States. Vietnam was not alone, Argentina, Brazil, and India were also subjected to similar orders. What was different for Vietnam, however, was how the US Department of Commerce–the DOC–carried out its

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Vietnam imports itemised: January 2024

In January, Vietnam imported US$30.9 billion worth of goods. The three most imported items were computers, electrical products, spare-parts and components thereof; machine, equipment, tools and instruments; and fabrics. Collectively these three items accounted for US$13.7 billion worth of Vietnam’s imports. Vietnam imports, January 2024, by value Description US$ Change

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Vietnam exports itemised: January 2024

In January, Vietnam exported US$34.5 billion worth of goods. Its three top exports were telephones, mobile phones and parts thereof; computers, electrical products, spare parts and components thereof; and machine, equipment, tools and instruments. These three items accounted for nearly US$15 billion worth of Vietnam’s exports Vietnam exports, January 2024,

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Salmon smuggler bypasses China trade restrictions using Vietnam

A radio appearance by the husband of a Norwegian citizen convicted of smuggling Norwegian salmon from Vietnam to China in 2018, has reopened an old wound for one of Norway’s biggest salmon producers, Salmar, IntraFish is reporting. Of interest, is that the accused was moving salmon from Vietnam to China

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Vietnam’s market economy status push receives push-back in US

An opinion piece in the Washington Times has suggested the redesignation of Vietnam as a market-economy from a non-market economy by the US Department of Commerce would be a ‘huge mistake’ for US stakeholders. The article is penned by Michael Stumo the CEO of the Coalition for a Prosperous America,

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Vietnam’s 2023 exports largely powered by foreign firms

Almost three quarters of Vietnam’s exports are from foreign-invested enterprises, Vietnam Plus is reporting. In fact, US$259.95 billion (73.1 percent) of Vietnam’s exports were facilitated by foreign operators in 2023. The state media agency goes on to say foreign direct investment is ‘crucial’ to Vietnam’s economy. Note that, there have

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Data: Vietnam’s imports by country, November 2023

Vietnam recorded imports of just over US$29.5 billion in November of 2023 according to Vietnam’s General Department of Customs. It’s top five market for imports were China, Republic of Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and the United States of America which collectively accounted for just over two thirds of Vietnam’s imports. Vietnam

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Data: Vietnam Exports by Country, November 2023

Vietnam recorded exports of just over US$30.5 billion in November of 2023 according to Vietnam’s General Department of Customs. The United States of America continues to buy the most of Vietnam’s exports followed by China, Japan, and then the Republic of South Korea. Those four markets accounted for nearly two

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Japan to process scallops in Vietnam after China bans seafood imports

Japanese scallop producers are considering shifting their processing operations from China to Vietnam after China banned the import of Japanese seafood over the release of treated water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant, The Japan News is reporting. An estimated 30,000 to 40,000 tons of scallops from Japan were processed

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Chinese president rumoured to be headed to Vietnam next week

The Chinese President, Xi Jinping, could be in Hanoi next week for two days, Bloomberg is reporting. This has been on the cards for sometime and likely a response to a visit from the President of the United States to the Vietnamese capital in September. Politically tied to China, economically

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