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Category: Vietnam Economy News

Vietnam’s economy has been growing rapidly for the better part of three decades. This section broadly tracks news media coverage of Vietnam’s economic development including targets, forecasts, imports and exports, and foreign investment.

State Bank of Vietnam denies change of exchange rate policy

With Forex reserves being spent hand over fist trying to keep the dong from devaluing, there has been speculation that greater intervention may be needed, specifically an interest rate hike. On Thursday Bloomberg reported that Malayan Banking Berhad was expecting an interest rate hike possibly as early as this week…

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Interest rate hike speculation in Vietnam heats up

Whereas the bank has been spending its US dollar reserves in an attempt to keep the dong from devaluing too much, the reality is that it has already spent a lot–about US$2.95 billion according to ACB data and this has done little to weaken US dollar demand. With this in mind, an interest rate hike could be on the horizon.

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Vietnam minimum wage regions to change at next wage hike

The four regions by which Vietnam defines what minimum wage should be paid where, are to be updated this year when the minimum wage rises in July. This will see several local government areas move up a bracket giving an extra boost to minimum wage workers in these areas. Moving

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Vietnam’s Law on Land 2024: Foreign Investor Cheat Sheet

Last year, a revised Law on Land passed Vietnam’s National Assembly. This revised law has the potential to have a huge impact on Vietnam’s land market and could speed up foreign-invested projects considerably. With this in mind, this cheat sheet runs through the key changes in the new Law on Land and how this might impact foreign firms doing business in Vietnam.

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Total forex reserves spent keeping the dong steady reach US$2 billion: ACB

This is a significant jump from last Wednesday when ACB estimated that the bank had spent just US$900 million. Of note, Vietnam is cagey about its foreign currency reserves and does not regularly publish forex data. It does, however, periodically communicate what it has on hand with the International Monetary Fund. The last report from the IMF, in September of 2023, recorded forex reserves of…

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Vietnam bank-lending growth far from target at 1.6 percent

Whereas in the past credit growth for individual lenders has been set at the start of the year and increased as needed–but ensuring overall credit growth doesn’t go over a set limit–this year all stops have been pulled out. The State Bank has set the limit–although it’s more of a target at this point–at 15 percent overall but said banks are free to lend as they please with no institution-specific caps.

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Minimum wage hike of 6 percent submitted to Vietnam government for approval

This will be welcome news for Vietnam’s minimum wage workers with no minimum wage hike last year despite inflation floating around 4 percent. The Vietnam General Confederation of Labor had been pushing for between 6.48 percent and 7.3 percent with the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a peak business representative body, pushing for between 4.5 and 5 percent. Vietnam’s National Wage Council, which makes recommendations to the ministry, looks to have essentially split the difference.

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Billions of foreign aid lost in delays caused by politcal uncertainty in Vietnam

Of note, these delays in project approvals seem to be mostly in infrastructure projects and aid programs. New projects in the manufacturing and processing industry have continued to move forward without any more delays than is typical–critical to Vietnam’s economic development, investigating corruption in the industry could discourage further foreign direct investment.

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Another politburo member resigns in Vietnam

Truong Thi Mai  who was, until yesterday, the Standing Secretary of the Secretariat, has resigned her position. This was after it was revealed there were ‘violations and shortcomings’ in her work. Resignations among Vietnam’s leadership have become common of late with the president resigning in March and the Chariman of

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Cutting the 48 hour work week back in the news in Vietnam

Overtures have been made by the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour–the VGLC–to the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs to reduce standard working hours below the current 48 hours a week. This was announced back in January, however, in recent weeks the idea has gained traction with local

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Vietnam’s Provincial Competitiveness Index for 2023 released

The index–known more commonly as the PCI–assesses the competitiveness of Vietnam’s 63 provinces and self-managed cities. Northern Vietnam’s Quang Ninh province came out on top with a total score of 71.59 followed by Dong Thap and Long An with 71.14 and 70.78, respectively. PCI 2023, highest to lowest Province Score

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Vietnam’s non-market economy status has US hearing

The US Department of Commerce has held a hearing into Vietnam’s application to have its non-market economy status revoked, Reuters is reporting. Reuters notes that opponents of the change cited the volume of investment and input goods from China that are powering Vietnam’s growing export-orientated economy, suggesting Vietnam was being

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