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Category: Vietnam Stock Market News

Stock trading in Vietnam is a relatively new phenomenon but has quickly become very popular. This section monitors Vietnam stock market news including key indexes, regulations, and market developments, as well as foreign trading activity.

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Vietnam’s Foreign Investor Stock Sell-Off: Unpacked 2024

On March 27, foreign traders net-sold US$73.8 million worth of Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange–known colloquially as the HoSE–stocks. This was the biggest single-day net withdrawal from the market since at least December. It was, however, part of a trend that has seen foreign traders exit the market to the tune of US$1.18 billion in the six months to May 3 alone…

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MSCI Frontier Markets Index review see Vietnamese stocks shuffled

Vietnam’s stock market indexes have been in the news a lot lately as the country pushes for an upgrade from a frontier to an emerging market. There are, however, a number of obstacles still standing in the local bourse’s path before an upgrade can be made and, as a result, it may still yet be languishing in MSCI’s Frontier Markets Index for some time to come.

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This quote about Vietnam’s new stock trading system

Vietnam’s new KRX stock trading system which was slated to begin operating on May 2 but has been delayed, is not up to scratch according to sources quoted by The Investor. Of note, one ‘representative of… a securities company’  told the publication that: “The testing process still has many errors,

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How to Open a Trading Account in Vietnam: Technical Guide 2024

This article is sponsored by: your business here (learn more) Vietnam has three major stock exchanges: the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HoSE), the Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX), and the Unlisted Public Companies Market (UPCoM). Of those, the HoSE–as the main equities market–is the biggest and most well-known. This

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New Vietnam stock exchange trading system delayed again

Earlier this week, it was reported that the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange’s new KRX trading system would go online on May 1. This has since been delayed by the State Securities Commission–the SSC–according to Bloomberg. The SSC’s reasons are that the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange has failed

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Vietnam misses latest FTSE Russel stock market upgrade deadline

FTSE Russel has released its March country classification upgrade update with Vietnam holding its position on the firm’s watch list. The assessment is more or less the same as its September assessment with no key changes made to the operation of Vietnam’s stock trading ecosystem in the last six months.

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Foreign traders net-withdraw over US$450 million from HoSE in March

Foreign traders pulled almost half a billion dollars from the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange–the HoSE–in March. This adds to the US$110 million withdrawn in February after a net-gain in January of just over US$7 million. All-up, so far this year, foreign traders have net-withdrawn US$644.3 million from the

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VN-Index up, foreign investors net sell US$14.4 million, March 21

The VN-Index closed up Thursday gaining 16.34 points or 1.3 percent to finish the session at 1,276.42. Foreign traders continued to net-withdraw from the market with US$14.4 million worth of stocks net-sold. The most active stocks were in real estate and construction, securities, and banking. Foreign trader activity, last five

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VN-Index gains, foreign traders net-sell US$12.6 million, March 20

The VN-Index jumped 17.62 points or 1.42 percent Wednesday to finish the session at 1,260.08 points. Foreign traders, however, net-exited the market to the tune of US$12.6 million. Most traded stocks were in securities, banks, and construction. Foreign trader activity, last five trading days Buy Sell Change Date VND* US$

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VN-Index falls, foreign traders net-sell US$35 million, March 19

The VN-Index was down Tuesday, losing 1.10 points or .09 percent by close of trade to finish the day at 1,242.46 points. Foreign investors continued tio net-withdraw from the market. Collectively they net-pulled US$35 million from the local bourse. Most active stocks among foreign traders were real estate, banks, and

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VN-Index falls, foreign traders net-sell US$55.2 million, March 15

The VN-Index fell Friday, losing .48 points or .04 percent to finish the week at 1263.78. Foreign traders exited the market en masse net-shedding US$55.2 million worth of stocks. Foreign trader activity, last five trading days Buy Sell Change Date VND* US$ VND* US$ VND* US$ 11/3 2,107 $89,185,096 1,863

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VN-Index falls, foreign traders net-sell US$36 million, March 14

The VN-Index took a hit today, losing 6.25 points or .49 percent to close out the session at 1,264.26 points. Foreign traders continued a three-day streak of net-exiting the market, leaving the local bourse to the tune of almost US$36.9 million. Popular stocks today in terms of volume were securities,

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Securities regulator comments on Vietnam stock market upgrade progress

Chairwoman of the State Securities Commission, Vu Thi Chan Phuong, has given an interview to Vietnam News regarding Vietnam’s quest for an upgrade of its stock market from frontier to emerging. Specific details are scant but she does note that the SSC is prioritising: Updating disclosure requirements to encourage firms

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VN-Index up, foreign traders net-sell US$18.8 million, March 13

The VN-Index closed up 25.51 points or 2.05 percent on Wednesday to finish the session at 1,270.51. Foreign traders exited the market, however, to the tune of US$18.8 million. Banks, securities, and steel had the most interest in terms of volume. Foreign trader activity, last five trading days Buy Sell

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VN-Index up, foreign traders net-sell US$7 million, March 13

The VN-Index closed up 9.51 points or .77 percent to finish Tuesday at 1,245 points. At the same time,foreign investors net-withdrew US$7 million. The top traded stocks overall were securities, banks, and steel with foreign traders particularly active in Mobile World Group (MWG) and Military Bank (MBB). Foreign trader activity,

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