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Category: Vietnam Banking and Finance News

The banking and finance sector in Vietnam has plenty of room to develop, however, there is a lot happening already. In this section, we look at banking and finance regulations in Vietnam, lending, finance, and monetary and fiscal policy.

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State Bank of Vietnam denies change of exchange rate policy

With Forex reserves being spent hand over fist trying to keep the dong from devaluing, there has been speculation that greater intervention may be needed, specifically an interest rate hike. On Thursday Bloomberg reported that Malayan Banking Berhad was expecting an interest rate hike possibly as early as this week…

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Korean credit card firms struggle to crack Vietnam market

Indeed, demand for credit has plummeted over the last year or two as thrifty Vietnamese have tightened their belts. By the end of March credit growth was at just 1.34 percent. That said, credit cards have not proven to be very popular in Vietnam in general, with consumers tending to spend only…

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Interest rate hike speculation in Vietnam heats up

Whereas the bank has been spending its US dollar reserves in an attempt to keep the dong from devaluing too much, the reality is that it has already spent a lot–about US$2.95 billion according to ACB data and this has done little to weaken US dollar demand. With this in mind, an interest rate hike could be on the horizon.

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Vietnam’s Foreign Investor Stock Sell-Off: Unpacked 2024

On March 27, foreign traders net-sold US$73.8 million worth of Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange–known colloquially as the HoSE–stocks. This was the biggest single-day net withdrawal from the market since at least December. It was, however, part of a trend that has seen foreign traders exit the market to the tune of US$1.18 billion in the six months to May 3 alone…

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Vietnam bank-lending growth far from target at 1.6 percent

Whereas in the past credit growth for individual lenders has been set at the start of the year and increased as needed–but ensuring overall credit growth doesn’t go over a set limit–this year all stops have been pulled out. The State Bank has set the limit–although it’s more of a target at this point–at 15 percent overall but said banks are free to lend as they please with no institution-specific caps.

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MSCI Frontier Markets Index review see Vietnamese stocks shuffled

Vietnam’s stock market indexes have been in the news a lot lately as the country pushes for an upgrade from a frontier to an emerging market. There are, however, a number of obstacles still standing in the local bourse’s path before an upgrade can be made and, as a result, it may still yet be languishing in MSCI’s Frontier Markets Index for some time to come.

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US dollar still at 25,450 dong level, more FX reserves needed

US dollars were being sold for 25,484 Vietnamese dong Sunday at some banks. This is above the 25,450 mark at which the State Bank of Vietnam has intervened by spending foreign currency reserves in the past. On the black market, US dollars were even higher selling for 25,800 a piece.

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This quote about Vietnam’s new stock trading system

Vietnam’s new KRX stock trading system which was slated to begin operating on May 2 but has been delayed, is not up to scratch according to sources quoted by The Investor. Of note, one ‘representative of… a securities company’  told the publication that: “The testing process still has many errors,

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UOB says Fed rate cut will see dong appreciate by year-end

Singpore’s United Overseas Bank–or UOB–has said that it expects the dong to appreciate between now and the end of the year, The Investor is reporting. This is reflected in UOB’s Quarterly Global Outlook 2Q24 which suggests that a recovery in China will likely strengthen the local currency as well as

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State Bank of Vietnam cancels another gold auction

The State Bank has cancelled another gold auction due to a lack of interest, Vietnam News is reporting. Gold auctions were floated as one way to reduce the price of gold in Vietnam, however, thus far there have only been two successful buyers with the price set by the State

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