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Category: Crypto

Why Cryptocurrency in Vietnam Is So Popular: Unpacked

Definitive regulations for cryptocurrency in Vietnam have been somewhat elusive. However, this has not stopped cryptocurrency and digital assets from becoming very popular. In light of this, this article runs through a brief history of cryptocurrency in Vietnam including how it has developed, how the government has responded, and what might happen next.

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Vietnam issued regulations for e-wallets, cryptocurrency

Authorities in Vietnam have been talking about regulating cryptocurrency for some time. Definitive regulations, however, have been somewhat elusive with parties engaged in the cryptocurrency trade relying on a patchwork of other regulations–digital payments guidelines, for example, to guide the industries development…

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Fact check: Do 21 percent of Vietnamese really own crypto?

A report compiled by Triple-A, a Sinagpore based digital currencies payment provider, has suggested that 21.2 percent of Vietnamese own crypto currencies. This has been widely reported in the media both abroad and in Vietnam, however, this seems far fetched–about 44 percent of Vietnamese are unbanked and just 6 percent

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