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Category: Technology

China’s Huawei considering Vietnam data centre but no commitment yet

Data centres in Vietnam are becoming more and more common. This is a result of a broader move to digitise the economy as well as several key regulations that require businesses to store the data of Vietnamese users in Vietnam. That said, there are a number of challenges for the sector, not least of which is Vietnam’s somewhat inconsistent electricity supply…

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Three Vietnam internet cables reported down days before possible Putin visit

This could not have come at a worse time. Not only is the National Assembly currently in session but there have been reports the Russian president, Vladimir Putin could be in Hanoi as soon as Wednesday. With the eyes of foreign governments and international media likely to fall on Hanoi in the event the Russian leader does make his way to Vietnam, demand for information out of the country is likely to be high.

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How to Open a Data Centre in Vietnam: Ultimate Guide 2024

This article is sponsored by: your consultancy here→learn more Data centres in Vietnam are becoming more and more common. This is a result of a broader move to digitise the economy as well as several key regulations that require businesses to store the data of Vietnamese users in Vietnam. Opening

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Why Cryptocurrency in Vietnam Is So Popular: Unpacked

Definitive regulations for cryptocurrency in Vietnam have been somewhat elusive. However, this has not stopped cryptocurrency and digital assets from becoming very popular. In light of this, this article runs through a brief history of cryptocurrency in Vietnam including how it has developed, how the government has responded, and what might happen next.

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Vietnam issued regulations for e-wallets, cryptocurrency

Authorities in Vietnam have been talking about regulating cryptocurrency for some time. Definitive regulations, however, have been somewhat elusive with parties engaged in the cryptocurrency trade relying on a patchwork of other regulations–digital payments guidelines, for example, to guide the industries development…

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Alibaba to build a data centre in Vietnam

Vietnam’s data localisation laws have been a point of contention with cross-border service providers concerned about the security of their data stored in Vietnam. These regulations also contravene some trade agreements like the Comprehensive and Progressive Transpacific Partnership Agreement which prohibits member states from requiring firms to store data locally.

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Fact check: Do 21 percent of Vietnamese really own crypto?

A report compiled by Triple-A, a Sinagpore based digital currencies payment provider, has suggested that 21.2 percent of Vietnamese own crypto currencies. This has been widely reported in the media both abroad and in Vietnam, however, this seems far fetched–about 44 percent of Vietnamese are unbanked and just 6 percent

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Starlink launch in Vietnam put on ice over foreign ownership limits

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has put plans to launch its satellite service on hold in Vietnam due to Vietnam’s foreign ownership limits in the telecommunications industry, Reuters is reporting.  Foreign ownership in telecommunications services that include infrastructure are capped at 51 percent in Vietnam for most countries. Members of the Comprehensive

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Satellite internet services only via local ‘gateway’ in Vietnam: draft decree

A draft decree for the implementation of parts of the Law on Telecommunications 2023, issued by Vietnam’s Ministry of Communications, if passed, would see satellite internet providers required to partner with domestically licensed telecommunications providers, VN Express is reporting. The draft then foresees ground stations through which internet access delivered

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Vietnam gaming giant axes planned US IPO

VNG, a Vietnamese tech firm most well known for popular messaging app Zalo, has withdrawn its application to list on the Nasdaq, the South China Morning Post is reporting. The publication notes that VNG declined to comment on the change of plans. A few points of note: Vietnam automaker Vinfast

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Nvidia considering establishing ‘base’ in Vietnam

Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, met with the Prime Minister of Vietnam this week and discussed expanding Nvidia’s presence in the Southeast Asian nation, Reuters is reporting. The company already has investments in the country of US$250 million. Specific details of any future investments have not been provided as yet.

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Starlink Vietnam: Possibility or Pipedream?

Earlier this year representatives of Elon Musk’s Starlink met with government officials to discuss launching Starlink in Vietnam. But whereas talks reportedly went well, seeing this ambition realised may be more complicated. The internet has played a key role in Vietnam’s economic development. It’s brought new ideas, greater access to

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Korean food delivery service to exit Vietnam December 8

A couple of months ago Korea’s Baemin announced it would be scaling back its operations in Vietnam, today it has said it will leave the market altogether, VN Express is reporting.  At the end of the day, it looks like the market was just too competitive and low value. Grab

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Vietnam tech workers laid off on low demand, lack of skills

Vietnam’s tech sector has been hit with a wave of layoffs on the back of reduced demand but also a lack of skills, VN Express is reporting. It’s quoting data from TopDev which found that almost 90 percent of companies were looking to recruit less than 50 programmers this year,

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