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Vietnam imports up 17.3 percent January to June [data set]

Vietnam’s imports hit US$30.5 billion in June bringing the country’s total imports for the year to US$178.9 billion, an increase over 2023 of 17.3 percent. This growth has been buoyed by double-digit increases in imports of coal, ores and other minerals products, and iron and steel…

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Vietnam CPI Tracker: 4.34 percent in June [data set]

Inflation has been relatively low in Vietnam compared to other parts of the world but this is largely due to government price controls. These lower prices, however, have come at a cost. Input prices, particularly in input dependent industries have risen, however, businesses in many industries have been unable to raise their pricing to compensate. As a result, many have seen their profit margins squeezed while others have had to run at a loss…

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Vietnam records 8.8 million tourist arrivals to June [data set]

Vietnam’s tourism arrivals reached 8.8 million between January and June of this year an increase of 58.4 percent over the same period in 2023. That said, month on month June saw a decline in tourist numbers of about 9 percent.  This is notable in that June is the peak summer travel period for the northern hemisphere…

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Vietnam Industrial Production Index gains 10.9 points in June

Vietnam’s Industrial Production Index recorded a gain of 10.9 points in the twelve months to June of 2024. This is the fourth consecutive month that an increase has been recorded. The biggest gains were in: services related to printing, rubber and plastic goods manufacturing, and plastic goods manufacturing. Conversely the biggest falls were in: production of batteries and accumulators, natural gas exploitation, and production of toys and games…

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Vietnam’s adds US$4.1 billion FDI, June [data set]

Vietnam added another 311 foreign direct invested projects to its 2024 tally in June, along with almost US$4.1 billion in additional capital commitments, according to data from Vietnam’s Ministry of Planning and Investment. The biggest gains were in manufacturing and processing which added 100 new projects and US$3.3 billion…

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Vietnam-US Trade Tracker: May 2024 Update [data set]

The United States is the biggest buyer of Vietnam’s exports and together the two countries engage in over US$100 billion worth of trade each year. This tracker looks at what is imported from the US and exported to the US from Vietnam using the most recent data available.

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