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Day: May 15, 2024

Updated power pricing regulations in Vietnam officially kick-in today

Of note, in 2022 EVN reported a loss of US$1.5 billion with rises in fuel costs vastly outstripping the electricity retail price which is regulated. That said, Decision 24 issued back in 2017, the precursor to Decision 5, already had provisions for the electricity price to be adjusted annually, however, between 2019 and November 2023 no adjustment was made. It’s not clear why and in this context the frequency at which power prices are reviewed may not have been the crux of the problem.

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Vietnam real estate market expecting boost from new Land Law

This may, however, be wishful thinking. It is already quite common for overseas Vietnamese to invest in real estate in Vietnam. Generally, if overseas Vietnamese cannot acquire property in their own name they will do so through a family member still living in the country. In this context, it’s not clear that when the new law comes into effect this part of it will make all that much of a difference.

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